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MN Legal Professionals in Transition

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Minnesota Legal Professionals In Transition, a LinkedIn group for sharing employment, educational, and networking opportunities and learning employment search skills and tools and networking with unemployed legal professionals, meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 1 - 3 pm at Lunds in Uptown, 1450 W. Lake St., Minneapolis 55408, in the community room, which is in the back of the store and upstairs to the left near the bathrooms.  Please check us out either on LinkedIn under Groups or at or on Facebook as Minnesota Legal Professionals In Transition.  Join us for our next meeting, which is on Tuesday, November 22nd.  The topic will be effectively using your LinkedIn connections.  The presenter will be Shaun Jamison, a solo practitioner in estate and transactional business, Assistant Director of Library Services at Concord Law School, Kaplan University, mentor, coach, and speaker for legal professionals., including presenting at MSBA CLEs on LinkedIn, volunteer for LegalCORPS clinics and Wills For Heroes, and Toastmasters participant, former hiring manager for law firm.

Spring Elections Determined

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Elections for SBA Board of Governors positions will be held Fri. Feb 25 through Mon. Feb. 28. All executive positions and class rep positions are elected at this time (except for 1L Weekend Class Alternate and 1L Weekday Class Reps/Alternate). Informational meetings and candidacy petitions will, of course be due sooner. Watch for follow-up information on specifics.

SBA Office Hours

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Do you have questions are concerns for the SBA ?

Drop into the Basement Office during SBA President Jeff Boucher's Office Hours

Tuesday - 11:00 - 1:00
Saturday - 11:00 - 1:00

If you would like to set up an appointment at a different time Email:

What's the new Email List about?

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You may have noticed the link on the main page about signing up for the SBA's email list. and then thought "what now?!?"
The SBA knows you are tired of mis-used communication channels: emails that have nothing to do with you, at the same time you're not getting emails about information you want to know. We've heard you; we're fixing that; we need your help to do it!
Simply click on the link and provide your information. You don't have to submit your Hamline email; if you check a different email more frequently, feel free to list that one instead. The graduation year and program (day/weekend) are very important! We will use this information (internally for the student body only!) to create email lists by class and by program. In this way, 3L Reps can email information about class meetings and other good information and 3Ls don't get the emails about 2L class meetings. If you're a Weekend student, the Weekend Reps can send you information about weekend opportunities and you won't get ten emails about the upcoming 1L elections in the Fall.
Sound good to you? Please take a minute to submit your email so that this new system can work! If we cant get the majority of the student body, it wont work.
Why can't the SBA just get my email and class/graduation information from HUSL?
HUSL feels that providing the SBA with access to the school's class email lists would be a violation of student privacy. The SBA wants to respect that, and so is soliciting voluntary submission of student contact information.
Other Questions?
Email with any other questions you have about this email sign up process. Thanks!

Committee Chairs Announced

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Congratulations to the following students who were nominated and accepted positions to the SBA Standing Committees!

Social Commitee Chair                      Sarah Hooper

Election Commitee Chair                   Sam LePage

Student Services Commitee Chair      Josh Brekken

Executive Commitee Chair                 Joe Camilli

Ways and Means Commitee Chair      Fue Thao

Culture and Diversity Commitee Chair  Kendall Gregg

Membership Commitee Chair              Holly Knoepfle

Community Service Committee Chair   Danielle Cote

Committee Application Process

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Want to make a Difference?


Apply to Chair or sit on an SBA Committee!


The SBA is Accepting Applications NOW for Members and Chairs of a Number of Important Committees.


Apply to be a Member of any of these Committees


Bookstore Committee:  Manage the Policies of the Bookstore, Provide Oversight of the Bookstore Transition.


Election committee:  Set Up, Execute, and Oversee SBA Elections.


Membership Committee:  Serve as the PR agent of the SBA, Run Table Days, Participate in Accepted Applicant Programs and 1st Year Orientation. Manage and publish the SBA Note.


Social committee:  Plan all of the SBA Social Events, From Bar Review to Barristers the Social Committee Handles it All.


Student Programs Committee:  Serve as the Interface Between the SBA and Student Orgs.


Student Services Committee:  Serve as the Student Body’s Ombudsmen and Addresses Issues Affecting the Whole Student Body.


Ways and Means Committee:  Control the Money and Who Gets It.


Culture and Diversity Committee:  Foster an Atmosphere of Appreciation of Diverse Backgrounds Cultures and Lifestyles at HUSL.


Additionally, Apply to Chair One of the following Committees.


Bookstore Committee         Election committee                  Membership Committee

Social Committee                  Student Services Committee         Culture and Diversity


Applications Are Available at the Bookstore, on the Door of the SBA Office and are on Reserve in the Library. Electronic Applications are Available Online at and on the SBA TWEN Page.


Submit Application at the Bookstore, the SBA Office or through an E-mail to


Applications Are Due by Noon on Wednesday 3/24

March Meeting Change

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The BoG meeting scheduled for Thursday March 4th has been rescheduled to Thursday March 11th. 7pm in Rm 04.

Admitted Applicant Programs

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Dear SBA Board of Governors:

The Law Admissions Office needs  your assistance and participation in
bringing in a new 1L class.  We are hosting two Admitted Applicant
Programs (AAP) this year.  The first one will be held on Saturday,
March 20.  The second event will be held on Friday, April 9.

Please alert the student organizations of these events.  We would like
to have a strong representation of student organizations at these
events during the tabling time.  I would like to hear from the
organizations as soon as possible.  Have the student leaders contact
me directly if they can and will participate.

It is very important to have a strong conversion of applicants from
admitted to attending Hamline Law.  Thanks, in advance, for helping us
with these events.


Diane Ostman
Assistant Director of Admissions
Hamline University School of Law
1536 Hewitt Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104
800-388-3688 or 651-523-2461

BoG Meetings

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The Spring 2010 BoG meetings are:

Thursday January 28th
Sunday February 14th

Thursday March 4th
Sunday March 21st

Thursday April 8th
Sunday April 25th

Sunday May 2nd

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