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What's the new Email List about?

posted Jun 8, 2010, 12:54 PM by Membership Committee   [ updated Jun 8, 2010, 1:05 PM by Web Master ]
You may have noticed the link on the main page about signing up for the SBA's email list. and then thought "what now?!?"
The SBA knows you are tired of mis-used communication channels: emails that have nothing to do with you, at the same time you're not getting emails about information you want to know. We've heard you; we're fixing that; we need your help to do it!
Simply click on the link and provide your information. You don't have to submit your Hamline email; if you check a different email more frequently, feel free to list that one instead. The graduation year and program (day/weekend) are very important! We will use this information (internally for the student body only!) to create email lists by class and by program. In this way, 3L Reps can email information about class meetings and other good information and 3Ls don't get the emails about 2L class meetings. If you're a Weekend student, the Weekend Reps can send you information about weekend opportunities and you won't get ten emails about the upcoming 1L elections in the Fall.
Sound good to you? Please take a minute to submit your email so that this new system can work! If we cant get the majority of the student body, it wont work.
Why can't the SBA just get my email and class/graduation information from HUSL?
HUSL feels that providing the SBA with access to the school's class email lists would be a violation of student privacy. The SBA wants to respect that, and so is soliciting voluntary submission of student contact information.
Other Questions?
Email with any other questions you have about this email sign up process. Thanks!