Ben Joslin: Vice President

posted Feb 11, 2010, 4:55 AM by Membership Committee   [ updated Feb 11, 2010, 4:55 AM by Web Master ]
 I have spent the last 30 years gaining valuable experience that will
help inform my decisions as your SBA VP. First, I have a broad
academic background that includes classes in science, government,
Italian theater, and education. This background gives me several
different lenses to look at any situation – from the factual and
scientific analysis, to the more aesthetic and open review. Second, I
was a 1L class representative. This experience taught me how the SBA
functions, and what the concerns are for our school. Third, I have
served on several work and community service committees while I was
employed for the last 8 years. From these experiences I learned how to
craft organization bills and procedures, how to negotiate between two
opposing groups, and how to make a difference in the community.
Finally, from my childhood experiences of growing up in a large
family, to my current experiences of teaching high school students, I
have fine-tuned my skills as a communicator and as a compassionate
friend. As you can see, my life experiences will be a benefit to you
and to the SBA.
       I have several reasons to run for SBA VP, and I have several goals
for this upcoming year. First, I can help the SBA more clearly
communicate with the students and administration. Jeff Boucher and I
have a plan to provide a current and reliable calendar that all
students can access to easily find the upcoming law school and
university events. We also plan on continuing the open and friendly
dialogue with the administration, while at the same time more
abundantly distributing any information to the student body. Second, I
can help the SBA maintain a budget and fairly distribute funds to our
several student groups. Jeff Boucher and I have a plan to help our
student groups write budgets and then clearly communicate their
financial needs to the SBA. Finally, I can help the SBA develop a more
job-focused theme. Jeff Boucher and I have a plan to work closely with
the CSO to better publicize the law school, to better announce job
opportunities, and to better our networking capabilities. As you can
see, these goals will benefit every student, and will hopefully make
your life as a law student less stressful and more successful.