Josh Melgaard: Rep-At-Large Candidate

posted Feb 11, 2010, 4:53 AM by Membership Committee   [ updated Feb 11, 2010, 5:07 AM by Web Master ]
Serving on the 2009-10 SBA Ways & Means Committee has led me to believe, that to best represent student orgs of all sizes, the Rep at Large must now be more active than ever with assisting student orgs and advocating for those orgs in need, especially in the budget process. The process seemed fair in the sense of majority-rule, but, in the end, many smaller student orgs were overscrutinized and underfunded. (Yes, I was usually voting in the minority on this committee.)

Last fall's student org budget distributed over 40% of its allocations to just three student organizations, while the remaining 23 organizations were left to share the remainder! In any event, this was an unacceptable outcome. As Rep at Large, I look forward to working with your treasurer to help all orgs access this process, I would work for necessary by-law changes, and I would work with individual groups to ensure their budget requests are not only process equally but are also actually funded fairly. As VP of CriLSA and Secretary for the Law Democrats, I was actively involved in shaping two substantial student org budgets, and I worked to help those organizations receive reasonably fair budget allocations. Every org deserves well-coordinated assistance with this process!

Be sure to vote this Thursday through Sunday, and encourage your HUSL friends to vote and to support me for Rep at Large. This race can be won only with your help! See more info.

Josh Melgaard
Candidate for 2010-11 SBA Rep at Large
SBA 2L Class Rep
SBA Ways & Means Committee
SBA Application Review Committee (for SBA Committee Chair selection)
SBA Ad Hoc Constitutional Review Committee
Vice President, Criminal Law Student Association (CriLSA)
... and much more low key, behind-the-scenes work with multi-org collaboration