Justin Bravi: Rep-At-Large

posted Feb 11, 2010, 5:41 PM by Membership Committee   [ updated Feb 11, 2010, 5:42 PM by Web Master ]

Why am I running for SBA office?

I am running for SBA Rep. at Large because I believe and enjoy serving others. In short, I am a believer and student of public service. Over the past several years I have actively sought out positions and activities that allow me to give back to the community. I served for two years in AmeriCorps leading a team providing disaster relief to the victims of hurricane Katrina and later building homes with Austin Habitat for Humanity. More recently, I have participated and advocated for the students of Hamline University School of Law as a 2L Class Rep., as well as, a MJF Board Member. Further, I have served as the Children Right’s Association Treasurer for the past two years and have been working at the Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis – Senior Law Project, ensuring that the rights of our senior citizens are protected. 

What do I hope to accomplish if elected?

Essentially, I am a people person. I enjoy collaborating with others and building sustaining relationships. I am also a very practical person so I understand that building these relationships and increasing communication between student organizations, the SBA Board of Governors and the school administration does not happen by itself. It is my goal, if elected, to help facilitate more communication between these groups within Hamline’s legal community. Specifically, I will help provide a forum so that student organizations understand how to obtain funding from the SBA Board of Governors and know what events are going on within the School of Law.