SBA Spring Elections 2011 Info

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The SBA spring elections have been scheduled.  If you are interested in serving your classmates and running for a SBA elected office, this Email should have all of the information you need to make a run at the election.

Election Schedule:
Informational Meetings on running for office: Sundays and Tuesdays and Thursdays through the election – Election Committee members will be tabling in the basement during open hours.
Starting today, you can begin collecting signatures on your candidate notice, sign your acknowledgement of duties of office and draft your candidate statement.
Campaigning can begin Friday 2/4
The Deadline for turning in materials to appear on the ballot Friday 2/18
If enough people are running debates will be held Sunday 2/20 and Monday 2/21
Voting will occur 2/25-2/28

Process to appear on the ballot:
Attached to this Email and posted on the door of the SBA office in the basement are the two forms that must be completed to appear on the ballot.  First, complete the attached candidacy notice and obtain the signatures of 15 classmates (make sure they are only signing your form).  Second, sign the attached acknowledgement of duties of office for the position you are seeking.  Third, draft a candidacy statement and Email it to or drop it in box 491.

Once you have turned in your election materials, you may begin campaigning according to the spring election rules, which are still being finalized and will be ready by the time candidates are ready to campaign

Offices up for Election:
The following offices will be on the ballot

President / Vice President  (Run as a Team)
Representative at Large
ABA Representative
Class Representative (2L, 3L Weekend)
Judicial Council

If you are interested in running for an elected office I strongly encourage contacting the current officeholder to ask questions about what the position you are seeking involves.  The names of the current officeholders are below and they are happy to speak with you.
President – Jeff Boucher
Vice President – Ben Joslin
Treasurer – Stef Wagner
Secretary – Justin Bravi
2L Reps – Mark McKenna, Mirella Ceja-Orozco, Nina Huynh
3L Reps – Brandt Erwin, Katie Jarvi, Zach Gaeta, Bryan Pierce
Weekend Reps – Greg Hanson, Morgan Gabse, Katie Uline, Bill Itskovich

If you have any questions please contact either myself or Ben Joslin.

Happy Campaigning

Jeffrey Boucher
President, SBA
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