Spring Election Candidate Statements

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Candidate Submitted Election Statements are below. 



Joe Schultz/Sten Schuler - Running for President/Vice President


Joseph Schultz: As president my objective or priorities are quite clear:

1.       Tradition, bringing back the boat cruise;

2.       Retaining the same or similar amounts of funding to current student groups;

3.       Increase Networking with other law school

a.       Mixed law school functions

4.       Addressing student concerns that are brought to our attention

Sten Schuler: will strongly support the direction our administration goes, however Sten will be spending most of his time networking with other law schools. Anyone that knows Sten, knows that he will be the “best” person for this job.

This goals are simple, reasonable and will get done. Vote for Schultz-Schuler!




Joe Camilli/Joe LeBlanc Running for President/Vice President


My name is Joe Camilli and I am running for the position of your Student Bar Association President.  Many of you know me, but for those who don’t, I am a second year student who has taken an active role in Hamline’s School of Law while simultaneously working to advance my career through work and volunteer involvement.  Over the last year and a half I have clerked at the Minneapolis Civil Rights Department, interned with a Ramsey County District Court Judge, and have recently been hired as a clerk for the Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office.  At school I have been an active participant in the Student Health Law Association, Delta Theta Phi, the Federalist Society, and various other groups.  Prior to attending law school I attained undergraduate and graduate degrees from Marquette University, moving to California to pursue a career as a business analyst.  


I envision the SBA as a mechanism for advancing and safeguarding student interests, engaging alumni and legal community leaders to increase student access to career advancement, and raising the profile of Hamline University in both our local community and the legal community in general.  If elected I will work tirelessly towards facilitating these initiatives.  I am approachable, friendly, a good listener and communicator, and value pragmatic problem solving.  Ultimately my goal is to improve the standing of Hamline University and increase the career opportunities for you, my colleagues and peers.  Together we will form the future of Hamline’s School of Law, a future that I believe we can make bright.


My name is Joe LeBlanc, and I am running for Vice President of the Student Bar Association with Joe Camilli.


I have been very involved in student organizations, including Vice Dean of Delta Theta Phi, President of the Alternative Dispute Resolution student organization, Chair of the Minnesota Justice Foundation Silent Auction, and a member of the SBA’s spring 2011 Ways and Means committee. In addition, I work as a research assistant focusing on Alternative Dispute Resolution and represent clients in mediation who have brought charges of discrimination before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission through the Hamline Discrimination Mediation Representation clinic.


Through my experience in these leadership positions, I have seen many ways that student groups can work more effectively with the SBA to improve the law school experience for all of us. Through my leadership of these groups, I have helped create networking opportunities specific to these groups, and hope to bring alumni networking to the forefront for all of the students at Hamline through offering similar networking activities by the SBA next year.


Before entering law school, I received a Bachelor’s degree in business from the University of St Thomas, and two Masters’ degrees from Keller Graduate School of Management, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM). Prior to enrolling in law school I worked in human resource management and business operations at a number of international companies. These experiences give me the knowledge of what it takes to bring a reasonable balance approach to running the Hamline Student Bar Association.



Mark Mckenna\ Chastity Peterson - Running for President\Vice President


For those who I have not yet met, my name is Mark McKenna and I am a 2L.  At Hamline, I have been involved in several groups, serving as co-treasurer of the Hamline chapter of the National Lawyers' Guild, and participating in Minnesota Justice Foundation, the Latino Law Student Association, the Black Law Students Association, the Criminal Law Student Association, and many others.  I am a Legal Research and Writing Teaching Assistant and a member of Hamline's Admiralty moot court competition team.


For this past year, I have been able to serve my class and the law student body as a whole as 2L class representative.  As class representative, I have worked to support student groups.  For example, I was able to help a new student group, the Chinese Language and Law Club, form and receive funding and SBA recognition.  Further, I worked with the Black Law Students' Association to fund the inaugural and highly successful Black Tie Gala, which brought many lawyers, judges, and faculty to Hamline.  I am also working on Hamline's Five Year Plan to deepen the connection between the law school, the campus and the surrounding community.  Finally, I have worked with 1Ls to relay information about their experience with the new curriculum to administration and foster constructive dialog.


I believe that my running mate Chastity Peterson and I are the best choice to serve law school students.  We are experienced with the current SBA processes, and know how they can be improved to better serve students.  We have demonstrated an ability to respond to the needs of law students and hope to have the opportunity to continue to serve students as President and Vice President.

If elected I plan on continuing several initiatives of the outgoing SBA administration, as well as reforming the SBA to better address the needs of students.  Specific proposals include:

 1.   Consolidating event calendars from the law school, the undergrad university, and highlighting events from the surrounding community into one easy-to-follow calendar.

2. Ensuring that administration funding of the SBA remains constant and consistent.

3.  Having a presence at Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress to foster cooperation and coordination between student groups.

4.  Having SBA meetings at a time when students, faculty and administration can attend and contribute their knowledge and perspectives.

5. Continuing the work of Morgan Gabse and the Membership Committee to increase the ability of groups to communicate events to students and for students to ask questions, and find information.

6. Increasing engagement with weekend and nontraditional students by ensuring activities and events occur at times convenient to these student groups.

7.  Supporting community investment and the volunteer work of law students in the community through the work of student groups, clinics and practicums, and Hamline's proposed new flagship legal clinic.


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at mmckenna02@hamlineuniversity.edu, or I will be down in the basement answering questions:  Sunday 11:15-1:15, Monday 12-1, Tuesday 11-1, Wednesday 12-1, and Thursday 11-1.


Hi! For those of you I haven’t met, my name is Chastity Peterson and I am a 1L here at Hamline.  I am running alongside Mark McKenna as his Vice President.  In my first semester at Hamline, I have tried to get as involved as possible.  I am an active member of multiple student organizations, including the SBA (1L Representative), Latino Law Students Association and Phi Alpha Delta’s Mock Trial Team. 


I would love to serve alongside Mark and the rest of SBA as your Vice President for many reasons.  First and foremost, I enjoy being active in my school and want to help spread the same feeling of pride and activism to all Hamline Law students.


I want to help implement more weekend and nontraditional student programming so that these students can have more opportunities to be involved at Hamline.  Coinciding with this goal, I would like to help make the 1L year more fun and less intimidating for incoming students next year by showing them all that Hamline can offer them through student organizations.  To accomplish these, I would like to host more table day like events so that 1L’s, weekenders, and nontraditional students can see that it is possible to join groups and still be excellent students.  I would work alongside the Representative at Large and with student organizations to help integrate 1L’s, weekenders, and nontraditional students into their organizations better. 


Another important task I would like to see accomplished would be working closely with student organizations to help better plan meeting times and the calendar as a whole so there aren’t so many days where multiple meetings overlap.  Through this, I hope to build up membership in smaller student organizations and give the student body a better chance to be involved in as many groups as they wish. 


To complement just general support to all of our student organizations endeavors, I also wish to continue and expand support for events that combine both fun and social aspects and intellectual and networking pursuits such as the Black Law Students Association Gala and the Latino Law Students Association’s Juris Fiesta.  I would love to see more fun events like this that both get Hamline Law’s name out into the community, helping to foster a stellar reputation for Hamline, but also are a lot of fun for students.


I firmly believe that Mark and I have the skills necessary to run a successful SBA.  We are dedicated, passionate, and experienced.   If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to stop either of us in the halls for a chat! Thank you so much for your time and support!


Holly Knoepfle - Running for Secretary

My name is Holly Knoepfle and I am running for the possition of SBA secretary. I have been involved in many student organizations in the past and I am looking forward to having a chance at being a part of Hamline's Student Bar Association. Throughout my four years in undergrad I have held the titles of President and Treasurer of the Pre-Law club, Representative on the Academic Affairs committee, and Representative of the Student Senate as well being the the secretary for my committee in the Student Senate. I take pride in the hard work that I have done for my fellow students while serving in those organizations. I would love a chance to further my skills while being able help out our law school's student community on Hamline's SBA. Thank you.

Dena Baker - Running for Treasurer

My name is Dena Baker.  I am from St. Paul, Minnesota and I graduated from the University of Minnesota, Duluth (UMD).  At UMD, I was very active in diversity programs on campus and in the Department of Psychology.  I was a member of the Black Student Association/Multicultural Center.  I also participated greatly in intercultural opportunities (both on and off campus) and student body advocacy events.  I was the Vice-President of the UMD Psychology Club and the UMD chapter of Psi-Chi (the national honor society for Psychology).  As Vice-President of these organizations, I broadened the focus to include Psychology students interested in post-graduate fields that were related to psychology, but not necessarily interested strictly post-graduate psychology programs.  In doing so, I was able to increase the membership and funding for the organizations.

I am running for 2011-2012 SBA Treasurer because I feel I am a great fit for the position.  I am very organized, detail-oriented, and creative.  These traits will help me, as treasurer, to stay on top of the budget and give creative input to enable SBA to stay within the budget, but also serve as many causes as possible.


Fue Thao - Running for Treasurer


My name is Fue Thao and I am running for your Student Bar Association Treasurer for the 2011-2012 school year.  Below, I will outline just a few of my methods on how to be a strong treasurer for the upcoming year and conclude with my qualifications to be your next treasurer.


TRANSPARENCY: My first initiative is to fulfill the duties set forth by the SBA by providing students with fair, transparent, and efficient use of SBA funds.

EFFICIENCY: I intend to approach SBA with a new structure on efficiently conducting the Ways and Means committee so that student organizations will:

Have a set period of time to expect to be heard and not have to wait the entire meeting;

Hear the delegations of other student organization funds; and

Fully understand the reasons for the decisions that the Ways and Means committee reaches.

INCLUSIVENESS: I will approach SBA with a new type of fund best described as a "Weekend Fund".  This fund would essentially be Student Organization funds set aside for meetings or events geared directly towards allowing weekend students to participate in student organizations.  This will also encourage student organizations to take into consideration the schedules of fellow students who work full time.  If, at the conclusion of the Ways and Means committee the fund is not fully used, it will be reinserted back into the regular pool for student organizations.

KNOWLEDGE: Have you ever wondered how to pay for a conference fee/speaker/competition?  I did and now I want to help you chase your goals!  My initiative will be to compile alternative sources of funding from HUSL into an easily accessible and informative document for individuals who seek to further themselves in the law.


My experience comes from my role as president of APALSA where I worked directly with my treasurer to compile a budget for SBA and fight for it at the Ways and Means committee meeting.  I also have experience with finding funding to attend national conferences and networking with attorneys.  I have an undergraduate degree in Economics.  Thank you for reading and I look forward to your vote!



Andy Delain - Running for Treasurer


Hello, my name is Andrew Delain and I would like to be your Student Bar Association Treasurer for the 2011-2012 school year. Please take a moment of your time and allow me to explain my qualifications as well as some exciting new initiatives and changes that I would propose.


Why am I qualified?

Throughout my life I have been privileged and honored to be a part of numerous executive boards for student organizations and student government. These experiences have given me valuable insight into what characteristics and atmosphere are necessary in order for a student government to be effective.


Secondly, before enrolling into law school I worked at a small law office for a year. Besides the legal aspect of the job, I was entrusted to handle the accounting and expenses for the office. It was a huge responsibility that I was able to handle efficiently and accurately. I have confidence that I can do the same for the SBA.


Third, my parents expressed the value of financial responsibility ever since my very first allowance. I seek to carry the same value as the SBA treasurer.


What can you expect from me?


Refined spending

As treasurer I would do my best to see that funds are allocated for worth- while causes and aren’t wasted. In a time of economic uncertainty in the legal field, I would like to see more funds devoted to professional skill building and networking initiatives.

One of my ideas is the addition of SBA legal service scholarships. Under my plan the SBA would allocate funds each year for scholarships for students that have found unpaid legal positions during the summer or school year.


Open Door Policy

As chair of the ways and means committee, the treasurer has a duty to ensure that fairness and objectiveness are key ingredients in the process of allocating student organization funds. As treasurer, I would ensure that all student organizations would have their requests in a timely manner. If elected, I would hold regular office hours during the week and the weekends so that any concerns or requests could be heard on a regular and convenient basis. 



Lastly I would advocate for the creation of an “Atmosphere Fund.” The entire student body would control this fund. Each year the SBA would allocate an amount to the fund. Ideas about how the atmosphere of the law school could be bettered would then be sought. The SBA and administration would then select the top ideas, which would be put to a vote by the student body. The winning idea would be implemented using the “Atmosphere Fund.” Here are some quick and simple ideas as suggested by my 1L classmates: WD-40 for the library chairs, free coffee and tea year round, library security measures, update of the basement lounge. What ideas can you come up with?

Thanks for taking the time to learn about my ideas and me. I hope I can count on your vote. See you around the building!



Nick Schicker - Running for Weekend Representative


As an upper level weekend student, I understand the unique discipline it takes to be employed while attending school part time.  It requires organization, time management, and prioritization.  Still, by taking various weekend, weekday and evening classes I have made a wide range of friends from HUSL.  Quite a few are current or former SBA Representatives.  I hope to learn from their leadership example as I run for Weekend Representative so that we may continue to have a student body of government that best serves all of our interests.


Over the years I have attended SBA meetings and voted on changes for the SBA Constitution and Bylaws.  I sought out informational meetings on clubs and activities to learn what events are important to our classmates.  I made it a priority to support guest speakers when they visited our campus, and to help new students feel welcome.  I found time to ask people about their Hamline story so that I could share it with others.

I am asking for your vote this spring because the SBA seeks to improve our academic life.  You and I want this to happen as well.  My hope is to bring an open mind and a positive attitude to the discussion at hand.  The wide range of issues that come up in the SBA will demand experience.  I believe I can offer good listening skills to the role while remaining objective in the group decision-making process.  I intend to be visible, firmly committed, and engaged from the very start.



Andrew Sulewski – Running for 3L Class Representative


One goal in pursuing the position of 3L class representative is to ensure that the traditional events that the Hamline SBA puts on every year continue to improve, and to add my input into planning these events. As the current co-chair of the Delta Theta Phi Social Committee, it was my duty to plan the annual Halloween party. This is one of the many events that Hamline Students look forward to every year. Likewise, the SBA puts on many of the events that Hamline students enjoy, including Barristers, Powder puff football, and the boat cruise. If elected as 3L representative, I will ensure the continuality of these events, and look to add new experiences that might one day be considered traditional events. In addition, I will aim to improve the image of Hamline in the surrounding legal community, in an effort to aid students as they search for employment opportunities both during school and after graduation.



Mirella Ceja Orozco - Running for Representative at Large


Hello HUSL,


My name is Mirella Ceja-Orozco, and it would be an honor to serve as your Representative-at-Large. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I graduated from UC Davis in 2008 with degrees in Political Science and Native American Studies, and from UC Berkeley in 2009 with Paralegal Certification. I am the first person in my family to seek higher education, and the first person in my family to receive a 4-year degree. This, in part, epitomizes my commitment to overcome any obstacle and my continued passion to become the change I wish to see within my community and my school.


Coming from a diverse cultural background, I am eager to foster a diversity of experiences and viewpoints within the SBA. As rep-at-large, I intend to be the desperately needed liaison between my classmates, student organizations and the university. I will be the person my classmates will feel comfortable expressing their concerns. I want there to be more transparency, so that students know what is happening on and around campus without the burden of hunting for it. Information will continue becoming more readily available so that everyone knows what is happening at any time of their choosing. So make the right choice by voting for the representative who represents!


Thank you so much



Audryana Pitts-Wright - Running for 2L Representative


I don’t want to dwell on qualifications, but I want to show that I am diverse, caring and motivated individual who will be a great choice in helping our voice become heard. I say our voice because, I personally feel it is important to be a part of a family. Making the 2L community my family would make my job as a 2L representative more personal. Please help me become a part of the family!


I have to tenacity and strength to do what it is my 2L family needs me to do. I can be that shoulder to cry on at finals, or that person to provide a warm smile in the hall, but most of all I can be that fighter in your corner, fighting for what you want. That is what family is for.



Jeff Reisinger - Running for ABA Representative 

Vote for me as your ABA rep to experience what the ABA can do for you as a law student and how the ABA can help your career as a lawyer.  Not only will I represent our interests in the SBA, but I will mine ABA resources and deploy relevant information for your benefit.  You may even decide to give money to the ABA for all that you receive by becoming an ABA member.


John Abress - Running for ABA Representative


As ABA Representative I hope to promote membership in the American Bar Association, act as an excellent representative of the SBA at any ABA meetings I attend, and to be a resource for students who want to know more about the American Bar Association. I will commit myself to this office and faithfully carry-out the office’s responsibilities. Thank you for your support and I look forward to serving the student body.