How To...

. . .  Request Event Approval:
- Download the Event Approval Form (below)
- Fill out as much information as your organization knows
- Change the file name to include your organization and the date of the event and save the document
- Email to the Programs Office (
- If anything changes or you gain new information about the event, be sure to update the Programs Office!
. . . Request Money from the SBA Board of Governors:
- Download the SBA Bill Template (below)
- Fill out as much information as your organization knows, following the instructions provided in Comments
- Change the file name as instructed in the Comments and save the document
- Email to the SBA Secretary ( at least 48 hours prior to an SBA BoG Meeting (check the Calendar for the next scheduled meeting)
- Be prepared to present the Bill to the BoG at the meeting
. . .  Add an Event to SBA Calendar:
- When scheduling events and meetings, please refer to the SBA calendar (Webmaster) when reviewing options, to avoid scheduling conflicts wherever possible. There are many great resources at your fingertips on the Student Org Resources page (, to include the link for checking room availability on campus and room requests.
- Open your electronic calendar (can be the student org calendar, or any Google or Google-compatible calendar)
- Click “Create Event” (always edit details in full screen view). Fill in the Title of the event, the date and time, when stating “Where” include if it is in the law school (ie “Law School Room 105” not just “Room 105”), and provide details of the event. (If you have a flyer, you can add it as an attachment to the event.)
- Add AND to all of your general membership meetings and larger audience events (if the event requires approval and has not received approval, indicate "(Tentative)" in the title.
- If you are creating multiple similar events (such as the monthly member meetings), there is a simple way to do this. Create the first event as above and save; in the full window view of the event, there is a drop down menu at the top of the screen that says “More actions...” click that and select “Duplicate Event”. Make whatever date and time changes etc, then save. Do this for each new similar event!
- There is also a Cosponsoring document online shared with all student orgs, so that you can see what other orgs are interested in cosponsoring or add an event your org wants to find other orgs to cosponsor with. If you don’t see it in your documents queue, type “Cosponsoring” in the search box and select “search” (do not just hit enter after typing, it will only search your org’s docs).
Helpful Calendar Tip: some student orgs have found the invitation feature to be a great way for gaining RSVPs for an event! This is especially great for general membership meetings, but can also apply to larger events as well. Instead of emailing your members, if you have their email addresses you can invite them all, then they can RSVP "yes" or "no" or "maybe". It gives you the chance to keep tally of how many people to expect, plus the "yes" and "maybe" allows them to publish the event on their own personal calendar to remind them to attend. This also allows you to market to those outside TWEN and Facebook (perhaps you have attorneys or alumni that would like to be invited? You can use this method for them as well!).
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